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Re: (TFT) Myrmidons come from...

>>> Sure. I always thought there were some interesting questions posed by
>>> the
>>> AW spells. For example, when I Summon Myrmidon (tm), does a warrior (or
>>> giant insect ?? - see ITL) vanish from somewhere else? Is there a range
>>> limit to this effect?
>>I recall once having this happen to a fighter in my campaign. He was
> tooling
>>along, minding his own business and *flash* he was summoned by some
>> distant
>>wizard into a fight...
> 	In my campaign I say that there are shadow
> planes that cluster around real dimensions.  They
> are constantly created and then dissipate.
> 	Real, summoned creatures come from these
> planes.
> 	Rick

Dang it! Summoned again! I've got to remember to stop walking around
holding only a broadsword! It's difficult, when your IQ is 8.

Maybe the place that myrmidons come from, is the same place that healthy
bodies come from for Revival spells. Or maybe they exchange with people
who were lost to failed Long-Distance Teleport spells.

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