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RE: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT. DMG likes Stan's aging by Healing Potions.

>>Naturally, big guzzlers of healing potion would get old
>>before their time.
>   And Stan strikes gold!  Every once in while you read something and you
>just 'know' it's right.  Drinking one healing potion ages the character two
>days.  Tons of complexity and subtlety packed into one simple idea.
>Consider this my ringing endorsement.  I'm going to implement this in my
>campaign immediately.  I think it's brilliant.
>   David Michael Grouchy II

Hi everyone, Stan, DMGII
	I liked the play balance trade offs
on this idea, but worried about the paper

	In my campaign, everyone ages one
year in midwinter.  This simple rule
would be broken by the healing potion
ages you 2 days.

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