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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.

> o A real interest rate of 0.2% per week (10.95% per year) is much more 
> sensible. But at that rate, lamp oil has to drop to ~1 copper per liter to compete 
> with a $500 Light item. For lamp oil at $1/liter, Light items have to be ~$3500 
> for the oil lamp to compete. 
> I haven't decided how to handle this, yet. 

Well consider that no matter how handy not just anyone can afford a $500 Light item unless your economy is 'modern'  enough to support buying things on an installment plan.  Sure, maybe the average guy is paying more over time for the lamp oil (nice to know about the liter per day thing BTW) but that doesn't matter.  If he can't save up the 500 to buy the light item, he's stuck buying the alternative.
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