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Re: (TFT) Hedge Wizardy and industrial magic

At 08:40 PM 9/18/03 -0700, Peter von Kleinsmid wrote:
However the rare wizard math offers some other obstacles. If 1 in 300 are wizards, how many of those are IQ 18+ with Lesser Magic Item Creation? Of those IQ 18 wizards, how many are liable to spend their time enchanting Light items so they can sell them for $500 a piece to farmers so they can save money on long-term lantern oil expenses? Seems like they'd have many more important, interesting, and/or profitable things to do with their time.

Similarly, farmers who can scrape up or eventually pay $500 will probably tend to invest in more natural and profitable investments such as more land, equipment, livestock, seed, tools, etc. How many farmers know about Light items? How many farmers know enough economics and math to think of saving expenses on lamp oil?

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