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Re: (TFT) Hedge Wizardy and industrial magic

From: ErolB1@aol.com
> I can't use this line of argument for my own campaign since I've made wizards 
> somewhat more common (1 per 100-200, rather than 1 per 300), *and* I've 
> reduced the IQ requirement of Lesser Magic Item to IQ 15. 

Well then it's hardly surprising that there are more Light items around than would otherwise be the case.  If this supposed proliferation of Light items annoys you, why not just raise their price?  Perhaps only flawless gems of a certain sort can hold the light enchantment on a permanent basis, so add 1000 to the base cost.  If you're willing to change spells' IQ ratings surely tinkering with magic item prices is hardly out of the question.

I think the "farmers/innkeepers who can get  500 sp credit probably have better uses for it" and "bandits stole my Light item" arguments go a long way, though. 
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