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(TFT) RE: Hedge Wizards --> cost of lamps oil potions & other stuff.

At 13:11 -0400 9/19/03, Erol wrote:

If there aren't enough Light items to supply everyone who would buy them at
$500 each, then most people will burn lamp oil instead,

I wasn't clear when I kicked off this discussion. Light items are great, and IMHO a necessary feature of dwarven cities and dungeons and etc., but what I was mainly talking about was the Light *spell*. 1 ST / 24 hours, and only IQ 8 to learn. A farmer could send his bumpkin son (wizard or not!) off to the Wizard's guild to learn it for a pretty reasonable price (like, be an apprentice during the Winter), and he could come back and light up the barn, the house, and the stables every night before he turned in - for life, for free (well, the fST might make him hungrier....).

The feature that sets the spell apart from the item is the IQ required to cast it (and no Wizard's workshop, to a lesser degree). That puts the spell within reach of almost anyone. Heck, with a Grimoire and a Wizard's chest, it is within reach of *any* town Wizard - maybe the town Wizard is paid by innkeepers to make rounds every evening (or send his bumpkin apprentice?) and Light up their signs.

So although I'd expect Light items to be pretty prevalent, I'd expect Light *spells* to be the main light-pollution issue Cidrian astronomers face.
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