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Re: (TFT) Re: 1 in 300 are Wizards , plus some "lethality notes"

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From: "rsmith" <rsmith@lightspeed.ca>
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> Hi Alan,
> I would be interested in seeing your statistics.
> (I expect that they would be quite different for each
> GM's campaign.  Hell, it likely would vary from year
> to year.  I used to be known as a killer GM and PC's
> died regularly.  The last few years, it is very rare
> for a PC to die.)

You know, the same has happened to me. Once a 30-50% bodycount *per night*
was not uncommon in my campaigns. And probably a reasonable average would be
15-20% per night. (My original GM's screen still carries the incription "No
More Mr. Nice Guy"). But as I have gotten older, I've mellowed. Now deaths
are far less common in my games -- sometimes several sessions will pass
without a death. I guess this is another sign of old age <sigh>...

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