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Re: (TFT) One-Hex Fire - how much light?

DMG, You know I have tremendous respect for your work.

But a magical Fire spell that yields no light?  I rather think such contrary
behavior would have been reported in the literature before now.

I will point out that killing a 10-ST creature in three turns is not
automatically the same as destroying them utterly, or as reducing them to
ash.  And that such a tremendous heat would be far more effective as a seige
weapon than the canon suggests.

Please revisit this issue, with an eye toward considering these issues, and
a thought toward the possibility that much of the damage of a Fire spell may
be from surface damage and trying to breathe in a hex 'filled' with flame.

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From: "David Michael Grouchy II" <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>

>    In conclusion: At these tempuratures hours are required.  To do the
> work in a quarter of a minute would require most all the energy to go into
> heat and not light.  Magical fires may produce almost no light at all.  In
> fact they may appear dark, even black, considering the supernatural temps
> involved.  I would go with 0.00001 LUX.  Darker than a moonless overcast
> night sky.
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