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Re: (TFT) One-Hex Fire - how much light?

In a message dated 9/23/2003 5:50:49 AM Central Daylight Time, 
prophesor@yahoo.com writes:

> DMG, You know I have tremendous respect for your work.
> But a magical Fire spell that yields no light?  I rather think such 
> behavior would have been reported in the literature before now.
> I will point out that killing a 10-ST creature in three turns is not
> automatically the same as destroying them utterly, or as reducing them to
> ash.  And that such a tremendous heat would be far more effective as a 
> weapon than the canon suggests.
> Please revisit this issue, with an eye toward considering these issues, and
> a thought toward the possibility that much of the damage of a Fire spell 
> be from surface damage and trying to breathe in a hex 'filled' with flame.

What he said: A person caught in a fire will suffer fatal burns long before 
the point of total cremation. 

Besides, I visualize a one-hex magical Fire as being equivalent to a large 
campfire or small bonfire. Furthermore, by the book a liter of burning oil 
(molotail) will produce a hex of fire that lasts 12 turns and acts exactly like a 
magical Fire in terms of doing damage. 

Also, in my own work in estimating light from a fire, I used *lumens* rather 
than lux. Lumens is a "pure" measure of the brightness of a light source, 
while lux has the complicating factor of distance from the source. 

Erol K. Bayburt
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