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Re: (TFT) Cashing in all books and how to sell them on the list

-- "Terry Murray" <murrays@pactec.net> wrote:-----------------

Here is the list of what i've got. Curious as to how the list wants to go about purchasing  these items.

How to distribute among interested list participants?  That is the question.

Here's my answer.  I looked over the list below, and quickly estimated what I would be willing to pay for the items at a used game store or site, and not feel too ripped off.  I came up with a total of about $200.  Terry sent me the goods, I sent him payment.

I've added the estimated price I assigned each item to the list below, so everyone can see what I paid for them, and what I hope to recover (I don't intend to make anything off this endeavor, it was just designed to get me the Codex, and offer the list participants first dibs on the collection).

What I intend to do over the next several weeks is post a subset of the items, and a time frame for responses.  Anyone who would like to purchase one of the items at the price listed should reply to me directly (no need to clog the list)during the time frame.  If more than one participant expresses interest my wife will draw names out of a hat to determine who gets it.  This is the best way I can think of to give everybody an opportunity, while avoiding any sort of bidding.

Here is the list of Terry's stuff, and what I estimated the value at.  I've modified some of the descriptions however, as I have replaced some lost parts of his collection with bits of mine (ie I replaced some beat up boxes with better looking ones, and I replaced cut death test counters with an uncut sheet, since I was just about to cut it up anyway, this saves me the effort, and gets someone else a more "collectable" game if that is what they want)

Here's the entire collecion as priced, my comments or changes are in [brackets] - if anyone wants the product as originally listed [without my bracketed improvements] I can always undo my changes.

$15  MicroGame #6  Wizard...Counters (cut), original book but map is missing.  [Ive added a well used wizard map]

$15 Advanced Wizard...Good condition 

$15 Advanced Melee...Good condition [some cover wear, and stain on back cover]

$20 In The Labrynth...Good condition [significant cover wear]

$27 FANTASY MASTER'S CODEX...VF condition [this one Im keeping, so the value is 200 less all the other values]

$5 INTERPLAY #2...Good condition

$5 INTERPLAY #3...Good condition

$12 Tollenkar's Lair...Good condition.

$15 Warrior Lords of Darok...Good condition.

$15 Forest Lords of Dihad...Good condition, some staple rust.

$10 MicroQuest #1  Death Test 1...Original counter sheet and book.

$10 MicroQuest #1  Death Test 1...Counters (cut, but reinforced), book  [I replaced with uncut counter sheet]

$10 MicroQuest #2  Death Test 2...Box (heavy wear), counters (cut,but reinforced), book 

$5 MicroQuest #3  Grail Quest...Box(heavy wear), original counter sheet and book, map (replacement). [I added a brand new box and the errata card - and no map came with this micro quest ]

$3 MicroQuest #4  Treasure of the Silver Dragon...Box(heavy wear), original booklet, but counter's and map missing

$8 MicroQuest #5  Security Station...Box (heavy wear), original counter sheet,book and map.

$8 MicroQuest #6  Treasure of Unicorn Gold...Box (heavy wear), original counter sheet, book and map.

$5 MicroQuest #7  Master of the Amulets...Box (heavy wear), counters (cut), book and map. [ I swapped a new box and uncut counters]

$5 MicroGame #18 Lords of the Underearth...Box (missing), original.counter sheet, map and book [ I added new box]

Thats the collection I purchased from Terry, I figure this is a good time to share my extra copy of ITL as well, if anyone is interested.  Back in the mid 80's it occurred to me to buy a spare ITL, my working copy has held up well, so the spare has been sealed in a ziplock bag for 20 years, and is effectively brand new.  I figure I'll add that to Terry's stuff, and ask $30 for it (If anyone really wants a mint copy  I should clear enough to fund most of the postage on the orders, otherwise I'll have to ask for postage as well.)

Assuming the list owner does not object ( Joe, please let me know if this is OK with you, if not I'll try something else), I'll start the process next week. I'll start posting these items for sale about 5 at a time, and as soon as I resolve one posting I'll start the next.  So this process could go on for a while.

Finally, in the spirit of full disclosure, some of these items, and others metagaming items are also available from some online stores, as follows:

Titan Games  http://titangames.com/  has some non-tft micros and Interplay # 5 for sale.  Though they buy a lot of collections, so you never know what they might add.

Fine Games http://finegames.com/  has a couple of items, including Wizard, The TFT Gamemasters shield, and Unicorn gold, among others - but they are quite pricey, and shipping&handling is expensive.

Descision Games  http://decisiongames.com/ has GrailQuest, And the Underearth games in their Excalibur games section http://decisiongames.com/html/sci-fi___fantasy.html , and a handful of non-tft micros.  These are reasonably priced, and still in shrinkwrap after all these years.  I have no idea how they got them, but that's where I got mine.

Also, Larry Elliot (a retired gamestore owner in Canada) is selling off his old stock at http://users.accesscomm.ca/lmec/fg.htm and has Orbquest and Master of the amulets, and a few non tft micros reasonably priced and in shrinkwrap (at least the one I got was)  the only issue here is a fairly slow ordering process. 

Sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted to come up with a way to keep as much of this collection as possible within the list, without me losing or making any money.  And this is what I came up with.


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