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(TFT) Questions about forcing retreat

Hi again,

Reviewing the rules regarding forced retreats, I
wonder about a couple of ambiguities. 

1) Suppose that a figure on each side is able to force
a retreat, I would assume the order that it would
occur would be by adjDX of the attackers, just as for
actions. This isn't explicit in the rules for Melee or
Wizard. I think it could matter, especially regarding
the choice of the hex (if both retreated figures could
potentially be forced to it).

2) Can a figure that forces a retreat of a second
become subsequently disengaged from a THIRD figure by
occupying the forced figure's former hex? 

The rules *do* state that by standing still, the
forcing figure may become disengaged from the
retreating figure.

However, the rules don't seem to prevent disengaging
from other figures by deciding to move, at least not
under the section about forcing retreat. Would this be
an abuse of the rules?

Once again, I don't have the advanced rules to know if
this was cleared up. Hope these tedious questions
aren't annoying!


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