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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

Oops. Sorry, I mis-read the suggestion. Self-correction:

I was thinking the basic system was "hit on 21+" for melee, not "hit if your roll is greater than the enemy roll". All of my comments about the value of using "Option 4" become irrelevant, because it appears to me now what I meant by "Option 4" is actually the same as the main suggestion, and the actual "Option 4" has no effect - it just changes the way you talk about the numbers. So to respond to some of my own comments:

At 09:46 AM 1/21/04 -0800, Peter von Kleinsmid wrote:
In fact, your basic system (rules 2 and 3, without option 4, and without the "if critical" part of rule 3), I would expect to butcher-high DX characters without armor. ...

Ok, with my re-read of the proposal, the skill does help defense, so this is ok.

However, the suggested rule does seem to result, about 90% of the time in one of every pair being hit. 5% is a critical miss, and there's usually a 5% chance of a tie (which is undefined - either both hit or both miss, I suppose - hopefully you'd roll to see which, so both an exchange of hits or misses could be possible). Exchanging blows will be quite rare. While some fights may proceed faster, slug-fests between accurate well-armored opponents may go more slowly, since usually only one per turn will hit.

As for Captain Kill, he's still a valid example of why there needs to be a cap on the skill bonus for an all-out attack. However in the suggested system, adding the same amount to everyone's melee skill would seem to have no effect at all - the highest roller still hits, and doesn't get hit.

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