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(TFT) new air elemental creature - Kirby

Sorry everbody, the posts are getting very dry - kids are playin' a ton of
gamecube-super smash bros. which inspired this (as I was getting beaten by
my 5 yr old son...)

Many kids games (nintendo) have embellished and sanitised ancient tales of
an unusual air elemental called a Kirby......

 This creature resembles a 2m high balloon shaped pink ovoid with stubby
arms and legs. It has ST 14, DX 12 IQ 9  MA 8 - its membranous-like skin
stops 1 hit per attack. Kirby attacks with a punch for 1 die damage,  or may
instantly (for a cost of 1 fST) manifest a large mallet (treat as Great
Hammer) for 2+2 damage atack which then disappears. Kirby may use mundane
weapons as its ST allows, though will have adjDX penalty for those it
doesn't have the talent for. In defence, Kirby can solidify and gain a
coating of IRON FLESH at the cost of 1fST a turn, but is immobile.

Kirby can also inhale and fly/float along over obstacles, but may not fight
while doing so (even with half MA), as it is busy inhaling.

Kirby's other main ability is to swallow/inhale an opponent, by creating a
powerful instantaneous partly extradimensional vacuum inside itself,  on a
successful DX roll (opponent allowed 4/DX roll to dodge this) - this does no
damage, but Kirby gains an attacking ability from the creature swallowed.
Kirby can only swallow a 1- or 2-hex creature and can spit out either
instantaneously (beginning of next turn), or after 1 turn (during which time
Kirby may change face or move up to 4 MA) to, say,  spit out the victim over
a fire, precipice etc.

eg. Kirby swallowing a 2-hex dragon can breathe fire for 1 die damage at a
cost of 1ST, one swallowing an archer will get the ability to shoot arrows
from a pink plasma-like bow of the corresponding adjDX bonus and weapon type
(corssbow/shortbow/arquebus etc.), one swallowing a wizard will be able to
choose an offensive spell to use; note as this is mental mimicry it is not
limited by IQ!

The spell for summoning Kirbies is long lost. Kirbies encountered are
usually pink, but blue, green. yellow, white and red ones have been seen.
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