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Re: (TFT) Test of general MELEE knowledge, NUMBER IV

Peter von Kleinsmid writes:
Additional points that occurred to me: * The "must drop your missile weapon" rule is an exaggerated statement belied by the rule about being able to parry with a bow, ruining it as a bow. It also defies common sense, and seems clearly to mean that you just can't use it while engaged, since as it says next, you can't reload it while engaged (which would be meaningless to add if you really literally had to drop it).

I disagree. I think the purpose of a last-ditch missile shot
was to allow you to begin the next turn with a ready weapon
instead of having to take a turn to "ready new weapon" (which
implies sheathing the old weapon so it can be readied again
at some later time during the battle.)
So if my high-dex guy wants to take a second shot, then he
doesn't have the time to use a sword the next turn - he would
have to choose the "ready new weapon" option instead since
he can't use the bow while engaged. Dan =====
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