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(TFT) Test of general WIZARD knowledge, NUMBER I.rtf

At 15:24 -0500 3/24/04, DMG wrote:

Gaining energy out of the system.

     Here is what the player lays out to you...

     Previously he creates an Undine of ST 12.

Should have been bigger, but whatever.

     Wizard character has been enchanting in the lab and has 4 fatigue he
wishes to regain

Turn 1
     Cast Magic Rainstorm over the Undine; cost 4 fatigue
     Total fatigue = 8
Turn 2
     Drain 5 ST from the Undine, recharge 2 fatigue

I assume this means Drain 10 ST from Undine, recharge 2 fatigue.
However, I'd shut down the scam at this point, quoting from the DRAIN STRENGTH spell description: "...humans or humanoids only..."

     How would you rule?

Nice try, but not in my world.

I suppose it might be possible on a much larger scale. Get a *really strong* apprentice, let him shape-shift self to undine, do same "recharge" trick, let him shape-shift back, drain him... but the apprentice would have to be able to support losing 20 ST for the shape-shifts, *plus* whatever the wizard drained. Now you have to explain the phenomenon of an "apprentice" with ST:25+ and IQ:18. I'm willing to live my life as a referee in the hope that that situation never arises.

OTOH, an apprentice who knows AID and can cast it without hands/voice, shape-shifted just once to an undine, could cast AID spells for 12 turns from inside the rainstorm. Good way to recharge an ST battery. Or better still, shape-shifted to fire elemental and cavorting in a great big bonfire, could go all day long averaging 1 ST/turn less his spell-missed rate. Only thing stopping this is the Wizard's Guild rules, imho.

But I'd still disallow this for the construction of magic items, etc., on the basis that the apprentices are doing more (see p. 30, AW "...not only do they fetch and carry...") than just lounging on the La-Z-Boy equivalents and popping off the occasional 1-point Aid, and that the number of apprentices needed is driven by the ancillary tasks as well as by the Aid spells.
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