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Re: (TFT) Test of general WIZARD knowledge, NUMBER I.rtf

-- Stan <srydzews@ix.netcom.com> wrote:---------------------------
 This isn't D&D, TFT is good enough that it can run with little GM fiat.  
 I don't have such an adversarial relationship with my players that they would actually propose the above seriously thinking "Now I've got you, you wascally GM wabbit, now I have an inexhaustable undine ST battery.  HAHA
   I agree that TFT is remamarkable for its internal consistency, and usually a careful review of all the rules involved will lead to a clear answer (like you can't drain st from an undine).  Although there is still some differing judgement calls regarding DMG's second arrow question.  But in-game I rarely spend the time to cross reference the rules, so I make the ruling based on "weaselly-ness" factors, followed up by between session research (which could concievably overturn my previous ruling, but rarely does, since TFT is so tightly designed).

My players are only adversarial in that I keep trying to kill them, and they keep resisting.  If they came up with a scam like this one, they would run it by me, I'd make the weasel ruling, and the game would move amicably along (I've known these guys forever, so they put up with me).  

Just didn't want you to think i am an evil GM (other than in the good way that one can be an evil GM, which I am).


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