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(TFT) TFT WW2 rules

Hi there

Im new to the site so hello all. I have played TFT since its days of
melee/wizard/death test pocket games, through to TFT in the 80's and later
GURPS. I use the system for just about any campaign situation that RP is

Lately I have developed a WW2 set of skirmish rules based on TFT as I am
unsatisfied with just about any system I have tried Panzermarch and ASL too
convolute, XFire too abstract etc. etc so I decided I had had enough and
turned to what I know best - TFT.

Would anyone be interested in having a look and trying them out? They arnt
typed up as rules yet just a series of tables but anyone with any wargaming
experience should easily work them out. They are for 28mm (1/48th) figures
based individually and each side should have a platoon (30) men with heavy
weps team and one or two vehicles.

Any takers?

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