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Re: (TFT) How often should TFT swords Break

At 08:50 PM 4/1/04 +0000, John J Hyland wrote:
On the other hand, such a well made sword is made by a master armorer, out of superior metals, and costs 200 times what a normal sword would (per AM). so being 200 times less likely to break does not seem that unreasonable.

Except that, as I tried to explain, I don't think the reason for breaking is usually going to be that the sword was defective. The reason is sometimes going to be something that will tend to ruin a weapon of any level of quality.

For example, someone stepping on it sideways while it is caught against the floor, and snapped that way, which can happen to any sword. The 1/216 of rolling 18 is more like the chance that some rare circumstance occurs that is going to subject the weapon to extreme abuse likely to render it useless.

You might also want to add a chance that a weapon is rendered useless until a recovery attempt can be made. E.g., the weapon is stuck in something (wood, dead body, a drain grating, flew out of hand and out a window, onto a roof, into a river, or just where no one saw where it went, etc). For combat's sake, there is probably no chance to recover it, but it might be recoverable after the fight.

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