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Re: (TFT) Record Keeping

From: "Robert Morger" <rmorger@ev1.net>

David is there a way that I can make the program just make certain pc's
using the random feature? For instance if I wanted to make 40 orcs and 15
lizardmen using the random compiler can it be done?

And interesting idea. I'll start re-writting it so it can take command line prompts. Then you'll be able to just type 40 orcs... and voila.

Also how can I go about adding to or changing some of the weapons files

Changing the stats/requirements on existing weapons, or adding in new weapons? Or do you mean some other kind of changes, like taking certain weapons out of the list?

    David Michael Grouchy II

p.s. I would like to thank Neil again for letting me use is gems and jewelry code to add in the massive list of valuable stones to the character_lab program.

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