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Re: (TFT) A Problem of Time and Distance in Melee/TFT

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From: "Charles Gadda" <cgadda@earthlink.net>
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> One could also consider reducing the combat turn from 5 to 3 seconds,
> would further allow things to be "scaled down" to a more manageable level.
> Going beyond movement, it would also help when contemplating things like
> rates of fire out of modern semi and full auto firearms, for example,
> it would help "scale down" that as well. Not really in favour of this, but
> it is a legitimate point, and thought it should be brought up.
> Suggestions?

I see about 3 justifications for the current MA:

1. I think that the typical movement rate of 10 was chosen more for game
design issues than for realism. It you boost normal tactical movement to
(say) 18, then you need a map with 4 times the area of the standard Melee
map. In a microgame format, this would have been unacceptible. The same
would be true of ITL campaigns as well I think. If you double movement
rates, tactics and deployment become less important simply because figures
can move much farther to correct mistakes.

2. I'd expect higher movement rates would make missile weapons even less
useful in TFT -- attackers can just close the distance that much quicker.

3. Other than "engagement", TFT has no mechanic to prevent "panzerbushing"
(i.e., running around the front of a foe after he's moved). So higher MA's
would allow far more scope for this kind of stuff. Even the current system
allows some panzerbushing.

At the minimum, I'd suggest that each figure gets to "pivot" (i.e. change
facing) at the end of the movement phase. If you want to put a reasonable
restriction on this, allow him to do this only if an enemy figure moves from
his front arc to his flank during the movement phase. I'd also prohibit the
pivoting figure from exposing a side or rear hex to any foe that was in any
of his front hexes.

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