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Re: (TFT) looking for TFT material

> BTW - has anyone tried using "Caves of the Goblin Lord" that I posted, or
> noted any obvious flubs in the design (which was mostly off the top of my
> head).

I gave it a read, though not an analysis. It looked like good detailed,
useful, creative and consistent material, as far as my study went.

SPOILER WARNING (for Tollenkar's Lair as well as the Goblin Lord)




I'm not sure about the Tollenkar connection. I don't think the fellow
would be much of a replacement for Kess due to racial and discipline
issues, unless Kess' men were to be replaced with goblin thugs. THAT would
be a possiblity, though. My experience with Tollenkar's Lair was that
often players would wipe out Kess' force and basically go home. In that
case, Tollenkar might be ready for an ambush, and if so, since Duke Dran
had come after this goblin lord before, a reasonable strategy would be to
install the goblin lord there, relocate his lair to another location, and
set a trap for the Duke, giving the goblin lord orders to retreat
underground, with the hope that the Duke would follow him into the trap.

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