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Re: (TFT) A Problem of Time and Distance in Melee/TFT

At 04:17 AM 5/7/04 -0500, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
From: pvk@oz.net

Why would the rules give a
measurement that requires geometry to convert into a value that
corresponds to a useful measurement (since from side to side equals the
distance from hex center to hex center)?

Well, a mega hex is listed as 4m across. Side to side, or center to center. Since the individual hexes are skewed along a diferent angle... (18 degrees if memory serves) one winds up with about 1.333m from corner to corner on an individual hex. ...

Interesting. I had always taken the "1 1/3 meter hexes" from AM (pg. 4) as meaning side to side (fitting the way characters use them for movement), and the "megahex wide (4 meters)" remark to map to what characters must do when they move down a megahex corridor (3 hexes per megahex times 1 1/3 meter per hex equals 4 meters per megahex). It's true that if you run sideways through the hex grain, you can pass through two megahexes for every 5 hexes of movement, but not if you are following the megahexes, as you must do on a map using megahexes that has megahex-wide corridors, which is what is being discussed when ITL talks about 4-meter megahexes on page 21. I think this would still be my reading, unless there are other places I haven't noticed (?) while trying to re-look it up just now.

P.S. I did find one other reference under Tunneling (ITL 45): "There are 150cm of rock in each hex." I'm not really sure what to make of that. It seems inconsistent and probably either wrong, or with some fudgey meaning since it is talking about tunneling.

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