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RE: (TFT) Rune Magic

From: "Keith Baker" <bakerekeith@hotmail.com>

Has anyone come up with a system in which spells are "inscribed" onto items to be triggered under specific conditions

I'm not sure if this is over powered for what you had in mind or not, but let me direct your attention to the Greater Magic Item for "Word of Command". It might over shoot the mark for what you had in mind. I see it easily in the form of a rune, and new words can be invented.

"A word of Command may be written on parchment, inscribed in stone, etc. Any being who can read the language in which it is written (or ANY being with an IQ over 2 if the Word is written in the Sorceror's Toung) must make a 5/IQ roll to avoid obeying when he sees the Word.

     Page 34 AW.

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