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RE: (TFT) Prehistoric Creatures Round 2

At 08:30 AM 5/28/04 -0500, RMORGER wrote:
Oh I agree whole-heartedly as I said these (the IQ's) were taken
book without any interpretation I haven't looked to see if the IQ
level in GURPS is the same as that in TFT. It probably isn't since
there seems to be a large difference in:

ST (I found that HT more closely resembled TFT ST and used this
for the most part but there were several of them that didnt fit
this rule and needed additional tweaking(Guesstimates),

Yes, especially for monsters, since their ST in TFT is mainly used as their capacity to take damage. That value in GURPS is HT, or the second HT value in a split HT creature. GURPS values for animals in TFT:

Wolf: HT 12 Armor 1
Bear: HT 14/19 Armor 2
7-hex Dragon:  HT 15/50 Armor 4
10-hex Dragon: HT 15/60 Armor 5 (GURPS hexes are only one yard across)
Bat: HT 13/2
Cat: HT 13/3
Rat: HT 17/2
Dog: HT 14/8
Lion: HT 15/18 Armor 1

DX (it had to be toned down in the dinosaurs -1 to -2, but was
about the same for the mammals),

MA (GURPS uses speed and dodge instead of MA but I found if you
took the speed number, and doubled it if it was <10, or added 10
to it if it was >10 it seemed to make more sense in TFT terms)
there was additional tweaking involved though.

That's sort of right, though humans vary more in GURPS than in TFT:

Very encumbered human: 2
Human in heavy armor: 3
Slow human: 4
Average unencumbered human: 5
Fast human: 6
Very fast human: 8-9
Dragon on the ground: 6
Bear: 7
Dog: 8
Wolf: 9
Cat, Lion: 10
Horse: 12-18
Dragon flying: 14-18
Cheetah: 30

So I imagine the IQs probably should be raised by one or two each
to more closely match up with TFT, but I still need to do the
homework and see how they relate.

Depends on what the stat will be used for. For sensing things they understand, most animals roll against a 12-16 in GURPS. The IQ value itself is mainly used for interacting with humans (for training, or for being able to understand things as a human would). Lions aren't necessarily dumber than house cats in an absolute sense, but they are less likely to adapt to a human environment.

In general, some GURPS values for comparison:
IQ 2 - Jellyfish.
IQ 3 - Average reptile. Eel. Shark. Training level of cat.
IQ 4 - Average horse or hawk. Tiger. Lion. Deer. Hippo.
IQ 5 - Average dog. Bear. Self-interested thinking level of cat.
IQ 6 - Average monkey. Boar, Pig. Elephant.
IQ 8 - Average whale.

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