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Re: (TFT) Waste of time?

I think you'd be breaking too much new ground.  That
said ...

There was an interesting article in one of the Inter-
plays about an SF version of TFT, but it wasn't fleshed 
out too well ( probably because the designers wanted 
Howard to buy it but he was working on StarLeader ).
Still, it might provide a jumping off point for you.

But another problem you'd have is that the system would
have to accomodate a single Trooper and hordes of bugs.
I don't see an immediate way to handle this cleanly.
( ie, noone is going to want to roll for every bug out
there. )  You might be able to get away with only roll-
ing for those bugs that are in "close contact", whatever
that means.

> From: "rmorger" <rmorger@mail.ev1.net>
> Subject: (TFT) Waste of time?
> I saw something about Starship Troopers last night and 
> it got me thinking (Not necessarily a good thing :^)
> about doing a TFT adaptation for the said game.
> Now do you think this is a possiblity or is it going 
> to be to much to change.
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