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Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT


>  I've been thinking about how to bring TFT back 

When it was written, TFT was a marvel of simplicity.  
Which really turned out to be both a blessing and a 
curse - it was just too simple in some areas but just 
right in others.

I have two personal gripes with the TFT system: 1) the 
experience point system and 2) the lack of attributes.

The experience point system whereby you can buy more
attribute points with earned experience strikes me as 
just plain WRONG.  Attributes are something you are 
born with and should not be allowed to change much
( For example, humans might max out at 16 ST but can
inch that up a couple of notches with Talents ).  What
I think we need is a skill-based system, but something
a bit different than GURPS.

The lack of attributes is also a problem as it forces
attributes such as ST to do double or even triple duty.
DX, for example, is not only used to determine agility
but is also a measure of your skill with your weapon.

BODY would represent hit points and would be initially
equal to your ST.  You could buy this one up with
experience.  There also needs to be a Mental Endurance
stat ( ME ), which would serve to power spells and the
like and could also be bought up with experience.

> However, I am becoming increasingly convinced that we 
> could re-write TFT and not infringe anyone's copyright. 

I would agree - but lets do more than just a blanket re-
write - lets do things to bring in things like Rick's
Giant Weapons and the like.

> 1. The game would be produced under our own version of 
> the open gaming license. In other words, it's free to 
> distribute.

Can you summarize the OGL?  I sometimes get lost in the 
legal mumbo jumbo.

> 2. We could probably call it The Fantasy Trip 

I think a different name would work best here.

> 3. We would have to re-write the entire rules set. That 
> means that every single sentence would need to be re-
> stated. Of course, since most of us scanned the original 
> text long ago, that would not be as difficult as it sounds. 
> Obviously, the more folks we have, the faster it would go.

Again, I would want to incorporate new ideas and techno-
logies.  For example, something like my H3 system on skill
rolls and the like. (The idea that there's a 5% chance an 
alchemist is going to have his lab burned to the ground 
everytime he names a simple sleeping potion is insane)
And why would EVERY sentence have to be restated?  Is that
to avoid the possibility of it being a derivative work?

> 4. Someone has to own the intellectual property

Why is this the case?  I'm not trying to be difficult - 
just ignorant of the ramifications of the property being 
in the public domain.

> 5. A proposed structure:

I would propose the creation of a "Configuration Control
Board" which would be entity which releases "official" 
works.  Any changes that other parties make would then
be based off of some official document but would be their
own house rules.  This avoids the possibility of the game
bifurcating down the road into Dan's TFT, Ty's TFT, Rick's
TFT or whatever.  It also makes it easier as we can all
refer to a known ruleset.

The CCB's first job would be to divy up the work in what-
ever manner they deem fit - but it seems logical that the
Chairman of the CCB could do the "outlining" job you de-

There would have to be some kind of rules as to who is on
the CCB and how people could leave and join the CCB.  For
example, some kind of base knowledge of the rules would 
seem to be desirable for those on the CCB.

Or if we choose too, we could adopt some kind of business
model with a Board ( and a Chairman ) and treat all of the
list members as "stockholders" - the Board could solicit 
their votes for changes, etc.

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