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Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT --> Derivative Works.

Rick Smith wrote:

Question:  why have the games based on TFT had
so little impact?

Well, because I'm a bad judge of commercial success. Hardly any RPG I've ever initiated playing is in print anymore, (Call of Cthulhu being the only exception), but I'm not going to then conclude that I only liked fundamentally flawed systems.

OTOH, what I guess I would really want to get out of this is a set of rules that most existing players would agree is an "official" fine tuning of TFT, which could and probably would have undergone a revision or two (or at least some more errata) if Metagaming had decided to continue with it.

Right now there are a large enough number of home-brew variants, many of them somewhat standard among TFT players that I would believe would be incorporated in such a venture. Some of these are "because I want to do it this way" and some are "the original way is a bit broken" I'd like them all in one place to refer to as canon or at least canon+.

So quite probably what I'd be happy with is "everything but TFT" as seen by the multitude of players that have played this game for a LOT longer than it ever was in print.

This has been done a number of times for specific rules on this list, but nothing comes of it. An "official" game or at least an "official expansion" would cut down on the current balkanization of rules that are in use. Such an official expansion would then make it easier to say, run a game at a convention or some such thing without rules brokering that would go on between players of different flavors of TFT.

This rambling doesn't even amount to a full two cents, but there it is.

- Marc

Warm regards,

p.s. Actually, if I were to get the rights to TFT
I would make enough changes that it would be a
new game.  However the core system I would leave
exactly the same, so it would still clearly be a
derivative work.  Oh, well.
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