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(TFT) Dark City Games Adventures

I don't recall much being said here about the new TFT-compatible microquests
being released by the guys over at http://www.thefantasytrip.org/ , but I
picked up their "Crown of Kings" printed adventure (the online is at
http://www.crownofkings.com/) and the preview draft of "Island of Lost
Spells" this week from http://darkcitygames.com/ .

This is some *really* good stuff! Opening the packages and seeing the books,
counter sheets and maps was like going back in time to 1979!! This is very
high-quality material and I found the price ($12 each) really reasonable for
what I got. I plan on playing one of them this weekend (probably ILS) using
just their "Legends of the Ancient World" rules as a guide to see how it all
stacks up. But a brief glance shows that the material is very well written
and edited, layout is very professional, and the whole presentation really
recaptures that feeling of getting a new TFT supplement at the hobby store
decades ago.

Considering the recent discussion about how best to revive TFT, I can't help
but think that supporting this venture is the best way to go about it.
Anybody else pick these up yet and play them? Anyone else on the list
working on the new material?

Robert W. Saint John
San Francisco CA
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