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I have been playing with a hex map program lately.  It is still in the alpha
stages of development, and is subject to wild radical changes.  There is
much that still needs to be added.  Anyway, the actual mapping portion
works, and is quite fun to play with.  Here are some tips for editing:

- In order to edit the hex colors, check the Edit checkbox at the top.

- The Mega Mode checkbox next to the Edit edits the grid in a circle of 7

- Colors can be changed by either using the RGB radio buttons or the
dropdown menu.

- The View Megahex Grid checkbox toggles visibility of the larger Megahex

- The Megahex, Hex, Border radio buttons determine what you're editing.

Here's the link: http://home.sw.rr.com/lpowers1/misc/TFTMelee_003.swf

And here's a sample that I made:
http://home.sw.rr.com/lpowers1/misc/MeleeHexArt_001.png (interface cropped

I'll probably end up ditching the color dropdown, but may end up keeping it
in and tweak it to play nicely with the selectors.  Any comments you may
have are welcome.

Leo Powers
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