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(TFT) Some Turkey Games

Found these comments on a review site that covered Some Turkey Games. Has some interesting details of a court battle between SJ and HT. The relevant comments are below, as is the link.

    David Michael Grouchy II


Comments: One of the first four releases from Steve Jackson Games (SJG). It also sparked a brief court battle between Jackson and his former boss, Metagaming owner Howard Thompson.

As reported in Jackson's editorial column in The Space Gamer, issue number 35, on the game's scheduled release date of October 15, 1980, Thompson's attorney demanded that the game not be published, alleging that it was the property of Metagaming. Thompson also obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) which prohibited Jackson from selling or advertising One-Page Bulge.

A court hearing was held on November 26, at which time a judge dissolved the TRO and denied the request for a permanent injunction. The ruling was based on the fact that Thompson had rejected an early draft of One-Page Bulge the previous December, and in May he had signed a contract with Jackson which explicitly disposed of all game-design matters pending between them. See Howard Thompson v. Steve Jackson, Cause No. 314,286 in the District Court of Travis County, Texas.

Thompson continued to treat Jackson like he was responsible for the mutiny on the Bounty. A few months after the court hearing over One-Page Bulge, Thompson published a parody naval game called One Tub Bilge in issue number 2 of Interplay, Metagaming's house organ. Thompson also produced and distributed a parody game at conventions called A Fistful of Turkeys. The game mimicked the format of the early SJG releases, except that it purported to be from STG (Some Turkey Games).
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