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Re: (TFT) Greetings TFT'ers After a long haitus: Questions:

From: Rune Science <runescience@yahoo.com>
1) What do you guys do for a heal spell?

Canon is clear: Healing is done by potions, not spells, so an Alchemist (or Master Physicker, cf the talent description) is who you need, not a wizard.

Because TFT canon makes no distinction between fST and ST, one possible abuse of the system is to have a wizard Aid your strength substantially as you go into a dangerous situation, and then declare that the damage comes off of the artificially enhanced ST, and not off of your native ST. This would amount to "prophylactic healing", or "buying insurance", as you prefer.

A less weaselly use of Aid is to temporarily counteract some effects of wounding; for example, the -3 DX for having ST <= 3 should be nullified temporarily by an Aid which brought its target's ST above 3.

2) Spell component list? When you get a wizard who
wants to send you out for components he needs for his
spells potions etc... I remember a really long list
but I lost it.

Chemist's and Alchemist's Tables (AW, pp 24-25) and Magic Item Creation Table (AW, pp. 27-28) list ingredients.

3)Cost for purchasing a scroll at low level was about
300 gold... How do you make a scroll? is it worth the

The "Write Scroll" spell, at IQ 16, plus knowledge of the spell being captured in the Scroll. It takes a number of days equal to the IQ of the spell being captured, for an IQ 16 wizard, which is what drives the cost. $(silver)300 is for an IQ 8 scroll, and the cost runs up to $(silver)1500 for an IQ 20 scroll.

Whether it's worth the time...??? depends.
The most obvious application I can see is during a campaign, where a wizard has just gained an IQ point through experience and can't decide which spell to take. (Summon Bear? Illusion?) She could take the one likely to be used most often, then buy scrolls of the other. Alternately, if there's a trap for which she *really* need a particular spell (say Flight) that's beyond her IQ, she could buy that scroll, get a friend to heavily Aid her DX, then read the scroll.

4)I have a magic system called Runes Science that came
from an old game called Melanda back in 1981-2. This
is a noun verb system.  If you take the skill for 1 to
3 years... you get 1 to 3 d4 runes.  You put the runes
together and based on regular use and familiarity, you
get a success rating with combos.

So lets say you have the rune for detect and another
for gold:  you draw each one on some material, taking
a minute or so to scribe and then to mentally focus
the mana thru the aperature in the ether.  The dm
gives you a target number. usually starting at about
35% + number of years youve taken it. So if you have 3
years of rune science, you get a base roll of 65%
pluse a few percent for each time you try, and more if
you take more than a minute to scribe the rune.

This is used as non combat magic. Though you could
Embue Flame into a weapon by scribing runes on it.
This makes it a one shot battle magic.

How would you guys implement that in TFT?

Develop a new spell (or series of them) based on Written Word of Command. The Written Word of Commands would be the Verb Runes, and would require components (gold) to activate/use them. That would make it more "magic items" than "spells"

5)Clerics/Priests, What do you guys do with them?

Canon includes the talents Theologian at IQ 14 (ITL, pp.16) and Priest at IQ 9 (ITL, pp. 12), as well as related talents like New Followers, Charisma, etc.. There is also a discussion of religions (ITL, pp. 31) including options for effectiveness, commonness of miracles, etc.

6)Good news: to complete my tft collection i finally
found forrests of dihad, and also got a cheap copy of
grailquest :)


7)Thanks to the guy who scanned in the ITL, AW, and
AM. Bless your little heart :)


					- Mark
			210-522-6025, temporary cell 240-375-2995
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