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Re: (TFT) Super expert Woodsmen Ranger talents.

     In terms of Super-Rangr talents, I've got two ideas.  Well seeds of ideas anyway.  
First, make them so at home in their home environment (forest, desert, swamp, whatever) that they are essentially uncatchable and untrackable.  Don't apply the normal movement penalty for them, and let them Blend in, as to be untrackable, and further so they can hide right next to your camp (for spying or sniping purposes) and you have a greatly reduced likihood of locating them.

Second, also in their natural environment, they could have extra sensitivity.  They make a roll and get more information than otherwise.  Sort of like "acute hearing" where if quiet and make your roll you know where people are in total darkness, similarly with a roll the super ranger would know when something is amiss in his woods (and roughly where) by the change in overall tone of animal noises, smells, movements, whatever.  It should have a larger range than Acute Hearing and maybe vaguer results generally, but should definitely work like acute hearing up close, where rangers are essentially unsurprisable in their element.

That's all I got, and obviously it is not statted out in TFT terms.  But those are the Super-Ranger abilities I can think of without getting all mystic.


-- Rick Smith <rsmith@lightspeed.ca> wrote:
Hi Robert,
   Thanks for the reply.  Yes all the talents you list
below would be useful for a ranger.  However, normal 
ordinary people could take most of these.  What I am 
looking for are talents for a super ranger.  The Fafird
& Grey Mouser of Ranger hood.  Talents that you would 
wait to get to 60 attributes before you could take them.

   Basically I've made super hard talents and spells for
very experienced wizards, mechanicians, chemists, 
thieves, etc. but I have noticed that I've never given
Woodsmen types the treatment.


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