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(TFT) The shape of Cidri

I thought of a way that Cidri could have vastly greater surface area than the Earth while still having about one gee of gravity. I picture Cidri as a great sphere with a ball of anti-gravity material in the center. The ball pushes matter away instead of attracting it as regular matter does. Standing on the surface of Cidri, the "down" vector of Cidri's gravity minus the "up" vector from the anti-gravity ball cancels out to an earth-like gravity field. At the core of Cidri, the repelling field created by the ball would make a hollow space, with the ball floating in the center of that. In Cidri's core, the ball makes things fall up towards the surface, so there may be people walking around on the inside surface of Cidri.

Maybe the presence of this big chunk of exotic matter is what makes magic possible on Cidri.

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