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(TFT) Garrador from Resident evil 4

Aw heck, lets make some monsters.........

Been playing Resident Evil 4 with the kids - my son said he was scared of
Zombies but now he knows we an dice tehm so he ain't scared anymore :)
Had an idea about adpating Garradors but can't get me head around how to do
the blindfighting stuff............

These critters would be encountered as slaves of some evil demon summoning
wizards I guess in a Cidri campaign
ST 18
DX 15
IQ 6
MA 12
The Garrador is a poor humanoid warrior, who has been possessed by a small
demon parasite, who wears equipment resembling those worn by gladiators. Its
name is a deformation of the Spanish word desgarrador (from the verb
desgarrar [to tear]); with the noun suffix dor use it to give a "Spanish"
feeling to the name. In reality, no literal translation of the word exists,
but it evokes the same sentiment as the word "ripper." Garradors are
equipped with large claws on each hand, which they can extend and retract at
will. Garradors are very brutal creatures who will indiscriminately attack
anyone and anything in its path, and are usually kept under strong

The demonic symbiont renders its human host almost invulnerable (Skin stops
10 HS/A, and regenerates 1ST/turn), with extraordinary acute senses, to the
point where its eyes have to be sutured shut due to sensory overload. They
are completely blind due to their sutured eyes. Instead, they rely on their
heightened sense of hearing (ALERTNESS, ACUTE HEARING) to track down
intruders. However, they can be easily be lured in one direction by loud
noises, such as gunshots or ringing bells.

A Garrador's weak spot is the exposed demonic symbiont on their back wedged
between the shoulderblades, which has ST 6 and is unarmoured, but can only
be attacked from the rear hex, or by missiles. Its tiny size renders it -4
adjDX to be hit by others

The Garradors hearing renders only a -4 DX penalty if opponents aren't
fighting and running, -2 if they are. A SILNET MOVEMENT will be required to
avoid them.
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