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(TFT) Various things

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006 09:23:17 -0700
"Dan Tulloh" <dwtulloh61@cox.net> wrote:

> I think Hasbro does .... didnt they release a "big box" version of it
> not long ago?   If Hasbro doesn't, then its gotta be Mayfair.

Hasbro did release a nice version of CE a couple of years ago.  I've got
a set and a half - I split the contents of one set with a friend, and we
spray-painted the bits white and black to let us play a 6-player game.

I really like CE - it's got just the right amount of backstabbery to
make the game fun!
> Re: TFT ... I can't recall the last time my mailbox was so full of
> TFT material!   I'm still here as well!    :D

I'm here as well (of course!).  Lately my connection to anything TFTish
has come from Dark City Games.  They've got 3 Microquests out that are as
good as anything Metagaming did.  I'd tried to start a session of Crown
of Kings via email, but that was right when the shit hit the fan for a 
while, and I had to drop it.  I'm playing it as a solo game using
CyberBoard and enjoying it a lot.

John G, welcome back.  I really enjoyed the webpage you put up.  It's
a very personal approach to one person's take on TFT.  Thanks!

David - It was interesting to read the little rant you wrote when John
left, and impressive that you put it out there even though you're a
bit embarassed by it, and that you say right up front that your feelings
changed.  Thanks for sharing.

Scott, a very interesting approach to the world of Cidri, and a very 
interesting peek at the math from David.  One thing that I think was
overlooked though.  Assume a Cidri with a radius X2 of the Earth.  David
concludes that gravity there is 1/40th that of the Earth, but that is with
a mass equal to the Earth's.  I think that the assumption of an equal
mass is incorrect, and that you could use a value for mass easily enough to
make Cidri's gravity similar to Earth's without it being unrealistic.

This may or may not require hollowness in the center of the planet, 
though I tend to think it does.

Nice to see all you folks again!

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa
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