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RE: (TFT) Cosmic Encounter - Flares

On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 00:44, Cas and LISA Liber (& family) wrote:
> Be interested to hear. Never played the 
> Eon version but am quite happy with
> flares in Mayfair.

  The Flares in Eon were significantly 
weaker (most of them) but when you played
like powers that were in your hand, and
thus were subject to consolation, hand
manipulation powers, etc.

  I can remember one game when a player 
who had a nice flare combination going
being afraid to fight two players he 
knew had consolation cards.  He would 
rather keep the flares than win a base
and likely lose them to consolation.

  The flares in Mayfair are a lot like
edicts.  They are played once with 
complete surprise and then they are gone.
You can't plan for them, where as in Eon
you often knew what flares the other 
player had and could make plans based
on what you have seen.

  Generally I find the Mayfair version of
CE to be much more random & luck oriented 
than the Eon version.

  One thing I don't like about Mayfair's
Lucre rules is that they allow you to
buy random flares which makes a random
game even more random.  (I usually just
disallow buying flares in my games when
I'm playing with the Mayfair set.)

  I'll try to write up a draft of the
space industry rules some time this 

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