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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #724

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> Hehe, yeah.  The GM didn't tell us in advance.  At the session he said we 
> could only bring what we had on us.  Some watches, pocket knives, and such.  
> Though one player did run to the kitchen and bring back a large bone knife.  
> The GM said he could bring it, but only if he put the actual knife away.  
> Unfortunately none of us came to the session packing, so to speak.

Stuff happens...:-) I did an Aftermath campaign like that once. We played 
ourselves where we lived after the plague killed off 99% of the people and all 
authority had broken down (yeah I know; HOW original, but it's fun...) and could 
carry whatever we had on hand. This was before I became I police officer so I 
wasn't carrying. Also of the 6 people at the table; 4 owned firearms (2 owned 
MULTIPLE firearms) but NOBODY had a single one on them...The DM did allow the 
host to bring his shotgun and M1A with him since they were in the other room, 
and the DM felt SOME weapons were going to be needed (and since the NPC's 
were likely to be armed to the teeth...). But yeah, repeating firearms in a 
fantasy setting are ridiculous....

PS: speaking of ridiculous, I discovered the hard way it is NOT bright to get 
into a running gunbattle in an AMC Gremlin (my car at the time). I was lying 
in the back hatchback firing the M1A out the rear window hatch at the bad 
guys, and the GM pointed out what I was lying ON (the gas tank is as vulnerable as 
a Pinto's). The fireball was impressive... (though to this day, I wonder 
where the HELL NPC's on Long Island are going to get tracer rounds?...:-) ).
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