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(TFT) scanning

FYI, I am able to scan TFT materials and assemble them into pdf documents. So, if you have TFT materials from Metagaming, you could mail them to me, and I could scan them and post them on my website as pdf documents. (And then, of course, I would return your materials.)

Here is what I still need:

--Master of Amulets

--Forest Lords of Dihad

--Warrior Lords of Darok

--Also, I am interested in posting articles form the Metagming magazine Space Gamer and Interplay.

Again, if you have these items already scanned into pdf, and if you want me to post them on my wesbite, send me a private email. Or, if you send me the hard copies, I can scan them myself and post them online; send me a private email for my mailing address.

Take care and Good Gaming.

-- John
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