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(TFT) Moving through figures

O.K. Saturday night, it's raining on the east coast and I'm bored. I started thinking about something a GM at a local con said to me about the way he allows movement in his TFT games and I wondered what everyone else on the list thought.

So here's the question: You're in a dungeon. All of the passageways are one hex wide. You are not in a combat situation. Do you allow figures to squeeze past one another to basically change their "marching order" (to use a D&D term)? I've always played that figures can not, as the rules state, move through each other. But then again it seemed to make sense to allow this. If they were in combat I would rule that the answer would be no. Am I being to hard core here to not allow it during non combat situations? What does everyone think?

--David O. Miller
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