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Re: (TFT) Moving through figures

-- David Miller <djmiller@i-2000.com> wrote:-----------------------
One unlucky warrior (A), standing
on the single hex in the bottle neck must face two opponents. He is
knocked down but not killed. He elects to stay prone. Another figure on
his team steps into his hex, rolls vs his DX and makes the roll. This
new figure (B) stands over the fallen figure (A) and starts fighting
the two enemies in front of him. The question is: what can figure (A)
Could figure A not simply Crawl (disengage) into the hex recently vacated by
figure B, now sharing a hex with A?
Unless the rest of his team moved to fill the gap, that hex should be
available.  If the rest of the team moved to fill it, they can also all move
to open it again - during movement, allowing A to disengage into it during his
(post movement) action to disengage.
In my game, I've almost adopted Rick's crowded hex idea, since at 1.25 or 1.5
meters per hex ( I can never remember which it is, I'll look it up later)
there is plenty of room to move past one another in a 1 hex corridor (without
combat that is).  In combat, I only let diminutive creatures share a hex at -2
( halflings, maybe goblins - it has not come up yet, and kobalds, definitely
kobalds, (I recently made a party FLEE Screaming from a handful of kobalds who
packed the narrow tunnels in their lair with javelin throwing destruction, but
I digress)) for larger 1 hex characters they can occupy 1/2 of a hex on the
map (say the half next to a straight wall) at -2, but not share a hex with
another creature.

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