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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #776

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>   Sorry the above is not better organized.  This is
> largely intended as a survey of things I would like
> to include in the TFT game & to spark some discussion.
> Command and control was a huge problem for ancient
> armies, I think it is really important that it be
> handled some how in our game.

OUTSTANDING!!!! One thing I might want to add is whether a unit is from a 
professional ancient army like the Romans for example, or a loose group of 
warriors (and note -- warriors are NOT soldiers) such as, say a Viking raiding 
party. Granted the Vikings will probably be elite fighters and disciplined enough 
to follow their immediate small unit leaders, but my money would be on the 
professionals unless severely outnumbered and/or surprised (once upon a time there 
was this General named Varus who lost a couple of Eagles in Germany...). 

This has to be reflected. I played some miniatures rules that had two ratings 
for units. One was morale (green,average,elite) and the other was tactical 
competance/training (poor, average, above average). Note my particular set of 
rules had 5 levels, but I think 3 is plenty. Besides the usual '"junk" (peasant 
levies, conscripts, etc.) and elites like palace guards, you could have a 
green unit that could maneuver well but was easy to rout, or you could have an 
elite unit that couldn't maneuver well or change formation well but was tough to 
rout. Of course the best unit was an elite unit with the highest rating of 
tactical competance/training. In the above examples if you assign the Viking unit 
a mediocre or bad tactical rating, it could lose to the high level Romans 
quite easily, even if the Romans are only average morale...
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