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(TFT) half experience

One of the simple rules.

     Now this rule was invented on the spur of the moment with zero thought
and has been in use for 22 years. There are now countless traditions around it
in our campaigns. It is also one of the reasons my players do not mind
permanent death so much.

The new character gets half the experience of the old character.

     Some stipulations about implementing that rule. It applies to total
character points. As you know exp goes to a doubling rule pretty fast. This
means that generally the new character will have 1 fewer points than the old
     I don't really need to say any more about this house rule. The players
love it. They retire and use it to start a new character. Easier than
forgetting everything for a year. The die and say "naw don't bring him back.
I'll just make a new one." Apparently players don't mind dying if they get to
keep playing and keep a similar level of power.

David Michael Grouchy II

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