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Re: (TFT) Magnetic ink --> Rick puzzled.

Hi David,
   I've been having a bit of trouble making
out what you are saying.

On Sun, 2006-04-30 at 12:32, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
>      Allow highly expensive and consumable scrolls to be written in magnetic
> ink. The key ingredient being difficult to refine and hence expensive. Namely
> . . .

   Who wrote this?

> Mischmetal
>      Specifically Neodymium

   I don't believe that Neodymium is magnetic.
Are there rules for Neodymium somewhere?

>      Additionally allow a ready scroll to be used as a Shield against thrown
> spells. Not because it is magnetic, but because it is enchanted. It works as a
> shield against the front hexes. It subtracts 1 from the DX of the attacking
> wizard for each point of IQ difference between the casting wizard and the IQ
> of the spell. I mean . . . come on. $1500 is a lot of money for a consumable
> one time use, takes 20 days of perfect DX rolls to write kind-of-item. And the
> wizard with a ready scroll can't cast other spells unless they have an IQ 2
> points higher than the spell, to Speak it, or 5 points higher to cast it
> silently.

   Are these suggested rules you are introducing 
or are they from somewhere else?
> The end.
> p.s. for extra credit offer a house rule on why metal arrow heads, and other
> weapons, sticking in the wizard do not cause a DX-4 for spell casting.

   I have set the amount of iron needed to be 
high enough that such 'involuntary' amounts
of metal to not be high enough to set off this
rule.  (However a bola with 3 metal masses 
would do so.)

   Regards, Rick.
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