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Re: (TFT) TFT, 2nd edition ?

Some sort of skills purchase support, either superscripts as one poster has evolved, or a separate "MEmory" stat that is originally derived from IQ, but then bought separately (and more cheaply).  Almost every house has a rule of this type.
 A 'POwer' stat, used for spellcasting in place of ST, so that a frail old wizard or elven uberwitch doesn't have to be also incredibly tough.
 HTH rules that make more sense, with some more stopping points between UC1 'eh, not worth the points' and UC3 'if she lays hands on you, you are dead'.
 Six or twelve or more different healing spells, all with flavor, all with their own limits, so a GM can choose a method for handling such in his own campaign, or at least have some starting points to work from.

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What topics or issues would you like to see addressed in a second edition of 

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