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Re: (TFT) Re: Dark City games (was: Lurkers unite!)

I own the first 2 adventures (will eventualy be getting more, I like 
them)and occasionally visit the site.  The adventures technically are 
written for their in house system (a slightly modified stripped down 
TFT).  They essentially work with TFT without any conversion whatsoever 
if you assume all the NPCs have whatever skills it is clear they should, 
and that spells work like the TFT equivalent.  

I played the adventures using straight TFT, workedlike a charm.

All that having been said, they also post official TFT conversions for 
the NPCs in some of the adventures, so you cansee precisely what skills 
and spells they have.

As for GURPS, I belive that it is GURPs compatable the way TFT is, with 
a bit of effort from the GM.  I have not seen any actual GURPS 
conversion notes.  Thogh they do have a d20 conversion document, which I 
cannot comment on since I don't play d20.


----- Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:-------------
I notice the web site mentions GURPS compatibility. Do they offer 
conversion guidelines to any system, or just leave it up to the GM to 
figure out?

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