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Re: (TFT) Re: Dark City games (was: Lurkers unite!)


You are correct about the skill levels.  However, the adventures I have, 
Crown of Kings and Island of Lost Spells, are very TFT compatable (I 
don't recall encountering any of the stepped up weapon skills in the 
NPCs).  My understanding is that the later adventures are more Legend of 
the Ancient World (LAW) focused and less TFT.

As I recall there are some distinct differences in combat too.  LAW 
initiative is quite important, it lets you go first (not DX order), and 
once you have it you keep it as long as you continue to press your 
attack.  Also, when attacked you get to Either defend or counterattack 
(after the attacker makes ormisses his roll).  And HTH works a bit 
differently too.  LAW is TFT compatible, but different enough that I 
think combat would have a very different "feel".  

Also magic works differently too, I am not sure if theagic is as well 
balanced with melee as it is in TFT, I have not really played with LAW 
magic yet.

-- Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:-------------------
The Dark City rules, though stripped in most respects compared to TFT, 
multiple levels of skill for weapon talents, don't they?

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