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(TFT) Hello all!

Hello everyone, the purpose of this email is to introduce myself, since I just
joined the list.  My name is Steve Stein, I live in Ohio, and I played TFT in
college and a little bit after, until my friends and I stopped playing
regularly grew apart and generally became distracted by life.  I played
between 1981 and 1987 on a multitude of campaigns, but always within our own
little group of five.  Even though we went our separate ways, I always enjoyed
designing campaigns and playing those designed by others.  I have fiddled with
TFT over the years, tryed and failed to start up a Car Wars campaign and and
dabbled with Traveller (apparently I was never intelligent enough to
comprehend Traveller), but I always came back to TFT.  I was thrilled when I
discovered that there are others who remember the game.  Thank you in advance
for welcoming me.Steve SteinOhio
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