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Re: (TFT) Re: Silliness and physics of bullets

I've never seen any bullet impacts on a human.  I've seen a 110lb woman knock a man over with a kiai-ed palm.  I've seen a 150lb guy take hit after hit from a 200lb man, and remain standing.  And one time, I personally caused a man to fall with a kiai and a false palm strike to his face.  I never intended to strike him, but he fell as if I had.  Left us both wondering exactly why.

My point is it's not about the mass and velocity, but about shot placement.  If you hit the target, however lightly, in whatever is was that made him stand up, then he'll fall down.

I don't really think anything that could make TFT model such factors would leave much TFT still visible.

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Once upon a time, a man picked up an empty wine bottle by the neck and smashed it over his friend's head.  The village drunks howled with delight.  The victem, slightly dazed by the assult decided to return the favor and picked up a nearby empty bottle and bashed his friend on the head with a glancing blow that did not break the bottle.  The result: his friend was knocked unconscous.  
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