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Re: (TFT) defending and request

I really do wish you the best of luck.  The secret to the spellcasting and melee seems to be creating a solid engine that accepts parameters that condition a type of attack.  Many of the spells do outright damage, others create things, others place an effect on a figure that lasts for X rounds.  The nightmare is writing the second engine that checks and applies existing effects at the beginning of each round or asks if characters want to maintain the effect at the end  of each round.  This effect engine needs to be very complete, unless you want to limit the spell list.
But, if you handle spells by type, then it seems you could pass a type "missile" to the engine and it would use range modifiers for missles and do damage according to a damage parameter you send.  The same engine could be used for Melee missles.  Sending a type "thrown" would use the thrown weapons range modifier and either do damage according to the damage parameter or place an effect.  That part doesn't seem so difficult.  
But, I would highly suggest considerintg putting intelligence in your hex map.  If your map is "smart" and can tell you if center X,Y is adjacent to center A,B and if they are facing hex C,D that X,Y is a front hex.  If you do it this way, then doing damage becomes an option you can select on the map.  The "bugs" you'll get will be from people trying to attack things in thier side hex.. or such things.  If you limit actions on the map, you can keep control of the bugs and avoid needing to check every action to see if it is allowed.  I like the idea of right-click eligible hex for spell option pop-up and left-click eligible hex for melee attack pop-up.  I would put "use item" and "attempt HTH" as possible melee actions.  
Obviously, the approach I'm talking about also requires a complete database of spells, spell damage, effects, weapons, weapon damage, etc, etc.   That's the real hard part.  I hate data entry.  
Anyway, good luck again.  I hope you succeed.  I'd love to be able to play Melee online or in email.  
Good Fortune,
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The hints you gave are very useful and I may get back to them later. 
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