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(TFT) Gunpowder/SciFi TFT campaigns

Hopefully now that the normal blathering of gun nuts talking about weapons has died down, how many people have tried running modern or post modern campaigns with ITL?

My friends and I tried it since for generic fantasy, ITL was our favorite game system but we were not impressed with our experiments. We found that Runequest/Call of Cthulu variants worked better as did modifications on the old FGU Daredevils system.

My favorite game systems
ITL - Best generic fantasy, also extensively used as an EPT game system by my group. ITL is one of the few complete game systems.

Bushido - Samurai action just like in the movies! Not very realistic but then neither are the movies. Clean gameplay that allows for a wide variety of effective fighting styles without overcomplicating things. Avoid extensive magic use, the magic system works but if used extensively detracts from the chanbara. A mostly complete system, certainly better than most out there. This eventually turned into the Daredevils system which was clean and reasonably realistic.

Call of Cthulu - Perfect for playing, err... Call of Cthulu. We played lots of this as well, I wouldn't use it as a generic modern/futuristic but you could do far worse. With the exception of one bizarre campaign, most are short enough so any holes in the game system don't have any long term effects.

Runequest variations - We played with these for futuristic games. They were OK but the Daredevil variant was better.

Daredevil variants
We played Daredevil when it first came out. It was a pretty good modern system and included the concept of careers somewhat similar to Traveller but there was more player control and far more variations. Far better than Traveller for combat, task resolutions and skills. My friend and I wrote a 300-400 page Science Fiction variant based loosely on this system. This system is obscure enough that probably only old farts have played it or even remember it!

Other game systems better left in the dust bin of gaming history.
* D&D and all of its current incarnations. D20, etc.
* DragonQuest! phew
* Chivalry & Sorcery, the system, not the backgrounders! Good details for ITL games. * Champions variations for fantasy. Not worth the extra effort, ITL is far superior here! * Space Opera - We played one serious campaign of this, amusing but the system is very poorly defined and we dropped chunks out of the rules to make it playable. One wonders if the authors ever played it.
* Space Patrol - Gamelet like an SF version of melee. OK but no meat.

I haven't really played most of the later game systems so the rest of you would have to fill me in on that.

Jim Eckman
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